Beer, explained.

There are well over half a million different brands of beer in the world but most beer drinkers just stick to what they know.

Some might be able to tell you why they like certain beers but most often, they've never even thought about it.



Beer, explained. provides Sommelier-led beer tasting and education experiences for a wide range of audiences, from casual to professional settings.

You'll learn about why beer looks and tastes the way it does, how to taste beer, and best of all, how to pick a beer that's right for you - in a simple and approachable way.

From small to big, casual to formal, Beer, explained. is available for your next private or corporate event. No matter the situation, Beer, explained. provides a custom approach to you and your event,
meeting your needs in a detailed and professional manner.

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Paul Cheung is Beer, explained.

Paul is a trained Prud'homme Beer Sommelier based in Toronto who has a passion for beer tasting and education. Beyond offering beer experiences, Paul also serves as a judge for major Canadian beer competitions.

Paul strives to make the world of beer more approachable to the average consumer and to help them get a little more insight into the retail market.

Paul is available for your next private or corporate event and can help you learn how to pick your
next favourite beer.

Check out Paul's Instagram account @beerexplained for regular beer tastings, interesting tidbits, and upcoming events!

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