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From small to big, casual to formal, Beer, explained. provides a bespoke approach to making your event idea a reality. Whether you're planning a beer tasting experience as part of a birthday party, trying your hand at hosting a beer dinner, or adding a unique element to your corporate event,
Beer, explained. will meet your needs in a detailed and professional manner.

Beer, explained. offers a number of other services in addition to those described below.
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Sommelier-guided tastings blend beer education with entertainment at your next party


Tasting topics are guest-driven; some past examples include:

  • Beer Tasting 101 (Tasting concepts using classic beer styles)

  • Local craft beer (An exploration of local flavours and culture)

  • Seasonal flavours (A look at different beer styles for the season)

  • Beer and cheese (Understanding how food interacts with beer)

A Sommelier-guided tasting is a unique experience
to share with your guests.

From dinner parties to hockey team celebrations, Beer, explained. has experience working in a variety of settings with a range of audiences.

Beer, explained. introduces tasting concepts in a simple and approachable manner, so that your guests will come away with useful and memorable tips to help them better understand and appreciate their next beer.



Pair your next dinner with a Sommelier-curated beer selection

Whether at home or a restaurant, beer and food is a classic dinner pairing opportunity that's largely overlooked by those seeking a more complex dining experience.

Because of its vast diversity of styles, beer offers  opportunities to use its varied and complex flavour traits to cut, complement, and contrast your food in ways that wine can't. 

Beer, explained. introduces food pairing concepts in a simple and approachable manner, so that you and your guests will come away with a memorable dining experience and a thirst for new ways to approach beer.

Beer, explained. is able to facilitate beer dinners, and assist you in developing a beer selection that complements your chosen food menu.


A Sommelier-guided tasting event offers an interesting entertainment experience for your team or clients and is great for sparking some lively discussion
at the next corporate function.

Whether it's a casual networking atmosphere or a break between meetings,
Beer, explained. will work with you and your host venue to suit 
your event's style and needs.