Beer is the stuff made of ball games and backyard barbecues.
It’s the sharp crack of a can opening on a hot summer afternoon after a long day.
It’s the accompaniment to laughs with friends late into the night.

It is simply inviting.


Beyond this, beer is also the perfect complex pair to any cuisine, its flavours range widely as its colour.
It is the product of a couple millennia of history, a skilful mixture of ingredients that
contribute to its flavours, aromas, and refreshment.
There is a style of beer for every season and occasion, from thick to thin, from spicy to fruity, from bitter to sweet.

Beer is diverse.


But increasingly, beer is a confusing wall of cans and bottles at the grocery store.
Each label flashy yet indistinguishable from the next; there are a slew of rhyming names and confusing acronyms.
Why not stick with your old reliable instead?

Beer can be unapproachable and uninviting.


Beer is all of these things; I’m here to explain some of it.